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Most people see the appeal of taking a kayak tour with us in the daytime. After all, that’s when the stunning beauty of the US Virgin Islands is on full display. You might be wondering what there could possibly be to see when paradise is blanketed in darkness. Well, we’re here to tell you from experience – there’s much more going on at night in the tropics than you’d ever imagine.

While we offer a wide range of kayaking tours, most all during the daytime, our night kayaking tour is quickly becoming one of our most requested tours. This is all due to word of mouth; those who return from their first night kayak experience can’t stop talking about how much fun it was.

The tour begins at sunset, so your eyes can adjust to the darkness naturally and you can take in the wildlife settling into their roosting spots while the sun dips towards the horizon. You’ll wind your kayak through the mangrove’s tunneled waterways with your guide, who will point out the abundant flora and fauna that thrive in the mangrove ecosystem.

As the last of the sun disappears for the night, the still, shallow waters of the lagoon deepen to black. Peering through the dark surface adds a layer of intrigue, allowing you to take in the movements below your kayak with all of your senses engaged. Your guide will help you identify the marine life and show you exactly where to direct your attention.

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Many island creatures become more active at night, appreciating the respite of the cooler air after a long, hot day under the tropical sun. Several species of crabs will scurry along the shoreline, herons will delicately pick their way through the mangrove, and frogs will bounce from branch to branch – all on the hunt for their dinner.

We have very little light pollution in the USVI, so you’ll be able to appreciate the calm night sky by only the light from your headlamp (we provide them for you!) and the twinkling of the stars above. For some extra magic, try to schedule your night kayak tour during the full moon, which creates extra natural light and even more animal activity.

Want to add a spooky element to your tour? Our guides love telling ghost stories and tales of wayward pirates on request.

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There’s a whole world that comes alive when the sun goes down. Reserve your night kayak tour here so you can check this incomparable adventure off your bucket list.

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