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Every explorer needs a compass. And, in a way, that’s exactly the kind of function that the new St. John Experience app performs. Helping you navigate through all aspects of the island, from the literal streets and locations to choosing a place for dinner, let this new app be your compass for places, deals, activities- -basically everything you need to experience St. John to the fullest.

As one of the most popular and premier tours adventure companies on St. Thomas and St. John, Virgin Islands Ecotours is thrilled to be among the local attractions featured on the new St. John Experience app. Look for us to find special deals and find out about any of our St. John tours that explore the best of the Virgin Islands National Park. From taking a step back into history by visiting colonial-era ruins to investigating the role that this protected ecosystem plays in creating and supporting life, to having fun in the water, our tours appeal to the adventurer in all of us.

So download your “compass” and get to know St. John. You can read more about the app here. Look for Virgin Islands Ecotours and join us in exploring St. John above and below the water through a multi-eco experience.

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