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Have you ever wanted to explore an uninhabited tropical island? How about one that is also a wildlife sanctuary?

If so, you’re in luck! Allow us to introduce you to Cas Cay.

Cas Cay is located just outside of our mangrove lagoon on St. Thomas. This little island of 15 acres is free of development and under the protection of the Department of Natural Resources. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to experience Virgin Islands nature at its finest.

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The island is home to an array of plant and animal species which your expert guides will acquaint you with.

We offer several guided tour options that include a visit to Cas Cay. We will kayak, hike, and snorkel together as we explore this unique ecosystem.

On land, there are several stops of interest. Once ashore, you’ll be greeted by a veritable army of hermit crabs. Our guides love hosting hermit crab “races” – so be ready to pick a crab to cheer on to the finish line. After that, we’ll hike the island together and take in the incredible views while learning about the local flora and fauna. Have you ever heard of the “Death Apple”? It’s a legendary poisonous tree and we’ll definitely share the story behind it while hiking past several of them.

One of the highlights of our Cas Cay hike is a visit to the Red Point Blowhole. This geological blowhole puts on a powerful display of water blasting through the volcanic cliffs – one that always makes for great pictures. There are also tidal pools to investigate here as we take a break for a picnic lunch.

a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water

In the water surrounding the cay, we’ll snorkel around a coral-fringed mangrove nursery in clear, protected waters. Juvenile fish appreciate the protection of the underwater mangrove roots, so you’ll be able to spot a wide variety of species actively swimming about the shallows. Other frequent visitors to the area include spotted eagle rays, sea turtles, octopus, parrot fish, puffer fish, sea stars, and much more.

A visit to Cas Cay is an unparalleled island experience while you’re in the Virgin Islands and we can’t wait to share this natural wonder with you!

a rocky beach next to a body of water


Are you more of an independent explorer looking to venture out on your own? Good news – you’re also able to rent kayaks in the lagoon and adventure to Cas Cay on your own.

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