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driving US Virgin Islands taxi rates

Getting around the US Virgin Islands requires a car. If you’re coming to St. Thomas and/or St. John for vacation, your hotel, villa, or charter boat is likely located a few miles away from the STT airport (or perhaps even a ferry ride away on St. John). Chances are high that you’ll need to take a taxi at some point during your time in the US Virgin Islands, even if you do plan on renting a car.


Charlotte Amalie St Thomas USVI


We’ll be honest – sometimes taking taxis in the USVI can be frustrating and confusing. For those new to the territory, rates and policies can seem unclear.

The US Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission seeks to provide better transparency regarding their rates and services. To help you in planning your trip in regards to budgeting and transportation logistics, we wanted to share their updated official rates.

Here is a copy of the rates you will see posted throughout St. Thomas, and in all official taxis you will ride in:


St Thomas taxi rates 1


St Thomas taxi rates 2


Here are a couple of extra notes to keep in mind:

  • If your destination isn’t listed on this rate sheet, you will be charged at the rate of the nearest listed destination.
  • Any pets/animals must be contained in a kennel to ride in a taxi, and will be charged an additional rate for the ride. (The only exception is for seeing eye dogs.)
  • Taxis in the US Virgin Islands are a shared experience. Most are large vans, and you will likely be riding with other passengers traveling to alternate destinations. If you wish to have a private ride, you will need to negotiate the rate with your driver.
  • Luggage is charged for by the bag.


Magens Bay Beach St Thomas USVI


We hope this helps you as you get excited and prepared for your upcoming trip!

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