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Here at VI EcoTours, we’re always looking for more opportunities for fun in the sun and sea. Our water sports rentals are all geared to maximize on the natural beauty paradise has to offer. We currently have kayaks, snorkel gear, and stand-up paddle boards that you can rent on both St. Thomas and St. John on an hourly, daily, or even weekly basis.

We recently added some exciting new water toys to our collection – Lily Pads!


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Lily Pads are giant floating “islands” that are lightweight, yet durable. They can fit anywhere from 5 – 11 adults and are the perfect way to float the day away in the gorgeous USVI waters.

We love how these mats are practically unsinkable. No matter how chill or active you choose to be on them, they keep you effortlessly cool, no treading water required.

Hang out, lounge, tan, run, or play – Lily Pads are a big hit with kids and adults alike.



These water toys are now available for rent in the US Virgin Islands. Take it with you around the island during your stay, or use one for the day with us at Honeymoon Beach.

We have a limited supply, so be sure to contact us to reserve yours ahead of time.

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