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One fun fact about St. John that many new visitors are unaware of is that the island is home to its very own brewery.

Started by two friends who quit their jobs and moved to the Virgin Islands, St. John Brewers makes all of their creations onsite. While so many of the beers sold on island are imported, drinking St. John Brewers is a fun (and delicious!) way to support a local business.

They also opened a brewpub, The Tap Room, which is located in Cruz Bay, and a beer gift shop, located in Mongoose Junction. They’re must-eat/drink/shop stops when you’re in town, a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

We love how inventive they get with their beers, infusing them with tropical flavors while still maintaining the integrity of the brew. They have several different styles of craft beer, sodas, and even an energy drink. The most popular tends to be a tie between their Island Summer Ale and their Tropical Mango Pale Ale.

Have you tried St. John Brewers beers yet? If so, which one is your fav?

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We proudly serve several varieties of St. John Brewers beer at our beach bar, Bikinis on the Beach. Come join us for a relaxing day on Honeymoon Beach, soak up the sunshine, and sip on a cold one with your toes in the sand.

After all, it wouldn’t be a proper St. John trip without island beer on the beach, now would it?

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