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a large body of water with a mountain in the background

We’re so excited about one of our brand new tours to the Annaberg Plantation on St. John. Located in the Virgin Islands National Park, the old sugar mill ruins of the plantation overlook an exquisite view of turquoise waters. It certainly looks like paradise— the colors and the views are breathtaking— but the site also has a complicated history once you look a little deeper. Take the windmill for instance. Once the tallest windmill in the Virgin Islands, it is now one of the most dramatic and remarkable ruined structures on St. John. It, like other sites on the tour, speaks of histories of civilizations—from the colonial to the recent past, from the free to the enslaved. Like voices held in and voices issuing out of the walls, they tell the story of the people who once existed there.

To find out more about the windmill and other aspects of the Annaberg plantation, you can click around and browse through links on the Virgin Islands National Park Service website. There, you’ll find loads of information on historical documents, the changing hands of ownership, and other fascinating facts about this unique and preserved location. Oh, and did we mention how beautiful it is?

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