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USVI snorkeling guided tours

The US Virgin Islands are an incredibly fun, easy place to go snorkeling. Between St. Thomas and St. John, there are countless snorkel sites to check out with varying experiences and marine life to see. For example, we offer tours in both the mangroves and coral reefs, each unique in their biodiversity and worth checking out.

We are the leading ecotourism company in the Virgin Islands and so snorkeling is a big part of what we have to offer beyond kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and hiking. For snorkeling, we have gear – fins, masks, and snorkels – available for rent that allow guests to head out wherever they please to snorkel on their own. We also offer guided tours to specific sites between the two islands.

One of the most common questions we receive from guests is: Which is better: should I rent my own snorkel gear and explore alone, or should I go snorkeling with a guide?

Our answer: How about both! If you’re new to the area and/or are relatively new to snorkeling, joining us for a guided tour is a great place to start. In fact, most of our guests schedule a tour for the beginning of their trip, then rent snorkel gear to keep with them for the rest of their time on island.


USVI snorkeling guides


The are many benefits to taking a snorkeling tour with an experienced guide first:

Safety: Our snorkel guides will brief you on the proper safety protocol for the locations you’re in. They will also be by your side throughout your adventure to ensure you’re feeling confident in the water.

Instruction: Our snorkel guides will teach you how to use your gear, what to do (and what NOT to do) in the water, and show you the best places to go to see the best marine life, views, and more.

Expert eyes & facts: Because our snorkel guides are in the water all the time, their eyes are trained to spot the coolest sea life that you might miss when you’re alone. They’re also full of interesting facts about the Virgin Islands underwater world to help enhance your snorkeling experience with local knowledge.

A built-in photographer: If you want to document your trip, you’re going to want a couple of pictures with you and your group in it too. Our guides are happy to snap a picture for you so you can all be in it!

We hope that helps you in your decision-making and look forward to seeing you in the USVI for a snorkel tour and/or snorkel gear rental soon!

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