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a man standing next to a body of water

Do you own a rash guard? Or two, or three, or four?

Chances are, if you’re familiar with them, you’ve got more than just one at the ready for your next beach day.


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For the uninitiated, rash guards are athletic-type shirts that come in both long and short sleeves. Typically made of nylon, polyester, and/or spandex, they’re intended to be lightweight, flexible, and quick-drying.

Rash guards were originally created for surfers to prevent chafing while sliding on/off their boards. However, in more recent years, rash guards have become incredibly popular across all demographics of beach goers – and for good reason.

Here in the Virgin Islands, located ever-so-close to the equator, we have no choice but to prioritize sun protection. But, living as close as we do to the sea also, we’re all too familiar with how damaging most sunscreens can be to our fragile reef system. Enter: the mighty rash guard.


a person standing next to a body of water


Rash guards provide excellent skin protection without A) making you feel overheated in the tropical climate, and B) polluting the seas (and your skin!) with harmful chemicals. Because they are so lightweight, even the long sleeve versions are as easy to wear as a t-shirt while still protecting your arms from those island rays.

We also love rash guards for their adventure potential. Normal cotton shirts can take forever to dry when they get wet, and they can feel heavy and less adaptable to movement. Rash guards, on the other hand, are designed to be flexible, allowing you freedom of movement while hiking, climbing, kayaking, snorkeling, and more. When wet, rash guards maintain their lightweight feel and return to dry quickly.


a man standing next to a body of water


Rash guards have also become a favorite option as a swimsuit cover-up. Because they now come in such a variety of designs, they’re perfect for throwing over your swimsuit after time in the water without sacrificing your beach style.

In fact, we continue to add to our ever-changing collection of rash guard designs to meet the requests of our guests and team. You can check out what’s available in the shop here. Looking for a particular design? Let us know and perhaps we’ll add it to our next order!

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