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One of our most popular water sports equipment rentals in the US Virgin Islands is stand-up paddle-boards (also known as SUP boards), and it’s easy to see why. They’re a truly unique way to experience this water-centric destination, and are an activity that can be tailored to all levels. (Can’t find your balance to stand-up? Feel free to sit or kneel!)

Renting a SUP board with us at Virgin Islands EcoTours is simple and easy – we’ll even deliver it to your villa for you! While some people choose to rent their paddle-boards for the day, many prefer to rent them for a week at a time, to cover the length of their vacation.

a boat sitting on top of a beach

Having a SUP board for your week on St. John gives you a lot more flexibility and opportunities to experience moments in paradise that those without a board don’t have access to.

Here are 5 reasons why renting a SUP board for a week on St. John will take your island vacation to the next level:

1) You can explore otherwise inaccessible shorelines

There are many incredible sights to see around the island that you simply cannot access from land. Just a short paddle off of many of St. John’s beaches are rocky outcroppings and small cays that are teeming with life. Sea birds, in particular, will often allow you to view them up close from your SUP board, just a few feet off the rocks where they’re hunting, nesting, and sunbathing. It’s also fun to switch your vantage point and view St. John in all its glory from the water – verdant hills, stunning homes, and all.

2) You can watch the sunrise (or sunset!) on the water

The sun puts on quite a show here in the Virgin Islands. Every morning and every evening, you can watch as the sky explodes with color and bursting rays of light come up, or go down, on the horizon. While there’s no doubt St. John’s sunrises and sunsets are spectacular to see from anywhere, getting to watch them while you’re ON the water is a true privilege. We recommend grabbing your SUP board and paddling out to view this gift of nature out on the water. Even if you’re just a few feet off of the beach, there’s something about the lapping water beneath you that centers you in a moment of pure bliss you won’t soon forget.

3) You can see fish and “snorkel” from above, without getting wet

The water surrounding our islands is remarkable in that it’s crystal clear, with nearly 100ft of visibility on most days. That means that if you’re not in the mood to dive in and immerse yourself in a snorkel, you can still see all of the activity below from your place on your SUP board. In fact, some sea creatures are curious about the boards and will be drawn towards you so you’ll be able to get a closer look. Don’t be surprised if you get a pop-up visit from an inquisitive turtle, eagle ray, barracuda, or other charming character.

a turtle swimming under water

4) Your travel companions will get to have their turn too

While you may be traveling as a group of 6 or more, if you’re renting a SUP board for the week, it’s not necessary to rent boards for every member of your group. Having the paddle-board(s) around for the week gives everyone the opportunity to take it for a spin. For groups of 6, we recommend renting 3 or more boards to share amongst the group, which will allow a couple of people at a time to head out together before trading them off.

5) You have your own float and cocktail table to take with you to any beach you choose

Anyone who’s been to St. John knows that the best days here are spent standing in the shallows off of a gorgeous, white sand beach with a cold drink in your hand. You know what takes that scene to the next level? Having a SUP board to lay out and float on, or using it as a floating table for your group to set their drinks on while you stand or hold onto while you tread water off the beach. Trust us – once you upgrade your beach days with a SUP board, you’ll never go back!

Want to reserve your paddle-board(s) for your upcoming Virgin Islands vacation? Visit our SUP page or contact us at 340-779-2155.

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