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Virgin Islands sunset activities

When planning your vacation to the USVI, we highly recommend that you incorporate the daily sunset into those plans. While it may seem like one of those things that you can just “play by ear,” take it from us – there are sunsets and there are SUNSETS. With the proper plans in place, you can ensure that each of the sunsets during your vacation were appreciated to the fullest and captured in all their glory.

So to ensure you don’t accidentally find yourself in a post-beach day shower during the height of magic hour, here are 5 of our favorite ways to maximize your Virgin Islands sunset viewing:


1 ) Watch the wildlife settle in for the night on a sunset kayak tour in the Mangrove Lagoon.

The magic hour is a very active time of the day for wildlife. And in the mangroves, it’s when birds and other creatures come back to roost for the night, snatching a last minute snack before dark. Quietly paddling through the lagoon during this time of the day is fantastic for nature lovers; there’s so much action to see. It’s also an ideal time for photography – the sunset light dappling through the mangroves and setting of the sea, viewed from your kayak, is like a dreamscape come to life.


sunset kayak tour St. Thomas USVI bird watching


2 ) Sip a sundowner from the deck of a sailboat for pure sunset serenity.

A sunset sail is pure magic. There’s nothing as peaceful as sitting on the bow of a sailboat, surrounded only by the sounds of nature like the gentle lapping of water on your boat’s hull. Feel the breeze while you sip a sundowner, then return to shore once the light fades for dinner.


3 ) Celebrate the end of another incredible day in paradise with a sunset dance party.

On the other end of the spectrum, if an active sunset is what you’re looking for, the Do It All Boat Trip will delight you! On this excursion, you’ll visit two snorkel spots, then hop back on the boat for pizza, cocktails, and a sunset dance party. It’s always a lively crowd and an unforgettable day on the water.


sunset snorkel excursion St Thomas USVI


4 ) Be the last ones on Maho beach as the last drop of sun fades away.

Maho Bay beach on St. John is the perfect beach to lime and play on all day. Our Maho beach day passes include chairs, floats, and all of the water sports gear you need to have fun for a full day. Stay for sunset, and stroll along the shoreline, watching the fading sun sparkle on the sea.


5 ) Keep your eyes peeled for the green flash from a bar with a full horizon sunset view.

One of our favorites is The Windmill Bar on St. John. The key is to get a view of the sun sinking directly along the water line. In that last instant before it fades away, sometimes you’ll get lucky enough to catch the bright beam of green aka “the green flash.”


green flash sunset St John USVI


What’s been your most memorable island sunset so far? Which one of these sunset activities are you going to add to your list next?

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We board from the Sapphire Beach Resort Marina, at 5pm. You are greeted, given a brief history of the boat and orientation, along with your first cold drink of the evening and a starter of many complimentary Hors D’oeuvres. Take time to bask in the cool island breeze as you watch the dramatic shoreline being bathed in a pallet of spectacular sunset shades. A great day to end your day in the Virgin Islands.