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St Thomas USVI mangroves

The mangrove lagoon on St. Thomas is a complex ecosystem that plays an invaluable role in the health of our island, as a whole. From protecting our shorelines in storms to allowing biodiversity to thrive, our love and respect for the mangroves runs deep. We consider ourselves very fortunate to make our home base in the lagoon and to be able to offer both locals and tourists the opportunity to experience its wonders firsthand.


@grroe.usvi.mangroves & @dan_mele_photography


For the tours we provide, we are members of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council to ensure sustainability is front of mind with everything we do. We seek to reduce any negative impact on the environment during our time within it and find ways to positively contribute to the mangroves’ ability to thrive.


a group of people on a rocky beach

UVI Center for Marine & Environmental Studies / @tsunamis_photography


This also means we partner with those doing important research whenever possible. We are so grateful to see all of the efforts being made by the teams of GRROE USVI Mangroves and The University of the Virgin Islands’ Marine & Environmental Studies Center.




Another important component of mangrove protection is to offer inspiration and education opportunities to future generations. Whenever possible, we are also proud to host philanthropic tours for our local schools and charitable organizations.


Helping Hands Family Center


The health and longevity of the mangroves affect us all and it’s our shared responsibility to be stewards of the lagoon. We look forward to sharing this special space with you on your next visit to the Mangrove Lagoon on St. Thomas!



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