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beach cabanas on Honeymoon Beach St. John

The pristine beaches of St. John are one of the island’s top attractions. The signature combination of verdant green hills, white sand, and clear, turquoise water can’t be beat. Everyone who visits the island and everyone who lives on the island unanimously agrees that there’s no better way to spend a day than at the beach. #BeachDaysAreTheBestDays

Every beach day has a mood. Some days, you want to be somewhere remote, away from other humans, just you and the lapping waves along the shore. Other days, you want a beach day with more amenities so you don’t have to carry everything you need down to the beach yourself in order to be comfortable there for hours (food, cooler of drinks, chairs, umbrella, etc.). And then there are other days when you feel like an even more elevated type of beach day…

Enter: Our newly refurbished cabanas on Honeymoon Beach.

Ever since we added our first cabana, the demand for these private spaces continues to increase. We’ve received so many wonderful comments from guests about their cabana days. The shaded space and amenities appeal to visitors and residents alike, especially considering there’s nothing else on St. John available quite like it.

As the months have passed, we’ve been slowly tweaking the experience we provide based on demand and guest feedback. We’ve added more cabanas, different sized cabanas to accommodate varying group sizes, and moved around the locations of the cabanas to optimize the views.

As we begin the 2021/2022 season, we’re excited to share that our cabanas have received yet another upgrade – our biggest yet!

The cabanas on Honeymoon Beach, St. John are looking pretty snazzy, if we do say so ourselves. We have brought in several new tents, which are a key element in cabana comfort. Having your own shaded space provides a welcome retreat when you need a break from the intense island sun. The shade is also great for those looking for a midday nap (we’ve heard beach babies particularly love it!). We have also brought in new sets of beach lounge furniture for the cabanas. Not only are they pretty for your beach day photo album, they’re also incredibly comfortable to lime in. Depending on the cabana you select, you’ll find a combination of table w/ chairs, sofas, and chaises. But one thing all of our cabanas now feature? Hammocks! After hearing how much cabana renters enjoyed having them, we brought in extra hammocks to ensure no cabana is without one.

You can take a look at our cabana rental page here to see a full listing of the cabanas available and what amenities they include.


Honeymoon Beach St. John cabanas


If you’re coming to St. John in the months ahead, we encourage you to reserve your cabana as soon as you can, as they do sell out fast.

Whether you’re coming as a pair on your honeymoon, or as a family with young kiddos, or as a larger group, a cabana on Honeymoon Beach will take your St. John beach day to the next level. Join us for the beach day mood where you want it all – private cabana, water sports, bar & grill – on one stunning beach you won’t forget.

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