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While there are no shortage of souvenirs that you can find for sale in the Virgin Islands, very few of them are: 1) environmentally friendly, 2) something you can use both on your trip and back home, and 3) filled with RUM.

We had you at rum, didn’t we?

Meet your new favorite island souvenir:

a cup of water

Here at VI Ecotours, we’re all about respecting our beautiful island environment so generations from now, adventurers of the future can continue to enjoy it. Any opportunity to waste less is a major win, wouldn’t you agree?

These new reusable cups are now available at our beach bar, Bikinis on the Beach, on Honeymoon Beach, St. John. They are made of rough-and-tumble silicone and are BPA-free.

Many of our guests have used them to transform their Virgin Islands vacation into one that respects the environment by rejecting single-use plastic cups, one island bar at a time. You can toss these cups into your beach bag and bring them with you throughout the islands – little changes like this can make a huge impact.

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Beyond reducing your waste on vacation, these cups are fun souvenirs to add to your kitchen at home. And the best part? They have our famous Painkiller recipe printed on them so you can get the mix right when you’re missing us back home!

While the cups are $20 on their own, you can also choose to get them filled with your tropical drink of choice at purchase at Bikinis on the Beach. For $25, you can get the reusable cup, plus 16 ounces worth of island cocktails to sip under the palm trees and sunshine during your day with us on Honeymoon Beach.

It’s five o’clock somewhere, after all.

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