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If there’s one surefire way you can tell that someone has a connection to the USVI, it’s by the appearance of a hook bracelet on their wrist.

Have you noticed these before? They come in a variety of designs, but the main feature amongst them all is a hook clasp that can be worn either turned upwards on your arm, or downwards. They are a unisex accessory, donned in equal frequency by both women and men.

The Caribbean hook bracelet is also known as a “love” bracelet, and they are worn to non-verbally indicate your relationship status. If you wear the hook pointing towards your heart, it symbolizes that your heart is taken, whereas if you wear yours pointing outwards, it indicates that you are available. As legend has it, wives of sailors would wear bracelets made from fishing hooks while their husbands were at sea, to show that their hearts were taken.

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Even this famous Virgin Islands fan wears one!

Relationship to a person or not, one of the main relationships this bracelet shows off is yours with the islands!

Nothing is more fun than having your hook bracelet spotted by a fellow VI-lover out in the world. It’s been a conversation starter for many of us who wear them on island and on our travels abroad.

If you’re looking for one to show off your Virgin Islands pride, you’re in luck – we recently added a beautiful, custom-made version to our online shop. Our design features a petroglyph motif originally used by the Taino people, native to the Caribbean islands, dating as far back as 900 AD. Those familiar with St. John will recognize it from their hikes around the island, and the logo of Caneel Bay Resort.

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Our hook bracelets, designed by Spur Ranch Jewelry, are 925 Sterling silver, 8mm hammered with petroglyph, and are 7 1/2 inches in diameter. Get yours here.

For many people, just one is never enough. They’re the perfect stackable bracelet – both women and men often prefer to wear several at a time. We’ve even seen avid islanders and visitors rocking 5+ hook bracelets on their wrists, each obtained to represent island memories over the years.

Do you have a hook bracelet that you wear regularly?

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