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St John sea turtle snorkeling

St. John is home to four different species of sea turtles: hawksbill, green, leatherback, and loggerhead. All species are considered threatened, endangered, or critically endangered, and are in need our protection.

We are so appreciative of the efforts of the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park. Their team of staff and volunteers seeks to save the sea turtle population from further decline. Their commendable efforts include nest protection, beach monitoring, research, and education outreach.


The sea turtles’ peak nesting season in the VI is from August through November. The sea turtle monitoring program determines how many sea turtles are nesting and hatching on St. John, and works to mitigate obvious risks to the females and their hatchlings.

If you’d like to experience the sea turtles firsthand, we invite you to join us for a kayak+snorkel tour to Scott Beach, a quiet beach with a large, thriving sea turtle population. Our expert guides will show you where to spot them and how to observe them in a non-threatening, respectful manner.

a turtle swimming under water

Want to show the sea turtles some love? Adopt one! Through the Friends of the VI National Parks’ program, you can donate to their efforts in protecting the island’s sea turtles, and receive a profile for a turtle whose life you’re helping to save. It makes a great gift too!

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