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kayaking with kids St. Thomas VI

Are you planning a trip to St. Thomas? Or perhaps you live in the Virgin Islands with your children?

Either way, we know finding fun activities to keep them entertained is always a priority. Happy kids = happy grown-ups, right?

Though not everything on St. Thomas is family friendly. So if you’re looking for something else to do besides a beach bar crawl, we’ve got a fun, kid-approved day for you here in the Mangrove Lagoon.


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So many people – both visitors and residents alike – miss out on this hidden gem on St. Thomas. We get it. It’s easy to see the white sand beaches and forget to look beyond them. But the mangroves are a truly special ecosystem that you can’t experience everywhere – and they’re particularly captivating for children.


family friendly kayaking st thomas Virgin Islands


We have several types of tours available in the lagoon, though the most popular is our Cas Cay Adventure. This family-friendly tour is appropriate for children of all ages. Our guides are amazing at adapting to their audience and at answering questions for both your inquisitive littles, as well as your slightly older science buffs.

Note: As long as your kiddos weigh a minimum of 30 pounds, we can provide them with life jackets. If your child weighs less than that, you will have to bring a suitably sized life jacket for your child to wear.

In the mangroves, you and your kids will have the opportunity to kayak through weaving waterways and learn about why the mangroves are essential to the health and safety of the islands.


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Over on Cas Cay, there’s even more to see on the uninhabited rock, as well as in snorkeling the waters around it. Your family will be able to get up close to a variety of tropical plants and animals, with your trusty guides by your side to share details about how they live, what they eat, and more. Two particular favorites for kids are the active volcanic blowhole and the army of hermit crabs.

While beach days are a blast, we consistently hear from the families that join us that exploring the Mangrove Lagoon was a notable highlight their kids can’t stop talking about. Learning while adventuring in the Caribbean lights up your kids’ brains and brings the natural world around them alive.


family friendly activities St. Thomas USVI


You can find more details and reserve your tour here.

If you’d like to join us for lunch or dinner following your tour, we also have a casual, island-style eatery on the dock, Bikinis Dockside Bar & Grill (now serving a lunch BBQ!).

Special thanks to @jen.boettcher for all the great photos from your family’s recent tour!


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